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About Us

IntelliH Diabetes is a product of IntelliH, Inc. a Chicago based firm specializing in mhealth and remote health monitoring products and services for health care firms. IntelliH was developed by a team of experts coming from backgrounds in medicine, medical informatics, statistics, and information technology. IntelliH is the most comprehensive platform for managing and monitoring diabetes. It is integrated with multiple wireless sensors to collect and observe blood sugar readings, blood pressure, activities and other health parameters. Your care providers get your information real time and can help with your condition as needed.


You must take charge of your own health. Development of IntelliH diabetes was inspired by the realization of this fact and that there is very little a medical professional can do to prevent complication of disease unless the patient is willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle and consistently follow his or her regimen. However, a vast majority of people do not do this even when they know it is essential. Self-management of diabetes remains a behavioral problem as much as a medical problem. Each diabetic patient is unique and his or her glucose levels fluctuate differently based on diet, medication, insulin levels, mental stress and other life style factors. IntelliH is a tool where these factors can be measured and shown in a quantitative and visually appealing way so that diabetics and their doctors can take action based on this new information. This tool will provide empirical evidence of where things are breaking down and will guide you to maintain glucose levels at an acceptable level. Users can share findings with their doctors and diabetes educators for better guidance and treatment and will be able to ask more appropriate questions for better management of their condition.


We are passionate about helping diabetics around the world. Our mission is to continue to provide better tools and research that empower diabetics to self-manage their condition, prevent long term complications, and reduce associated expenses. We envision helping millions of people with innovative tools and newer technologies so that they can control and even reverse their early-stage diabetic condition. You can reach us at Join us in the journey and let us know how we can help you and your loved ones who have diabetes.


What is IntelliH

IntelliH Diabetes is online application created specifically for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. It allows you to capture, display, and analyze your glucose, lab, and health care cost data. It helps you manage your blood sugar level by identifying factors that impact it. Other IntelliH products include post-discharge apps for increased compliance and automatic medicine reconciliation.

Managing Diabetes

Self-management is the hallmark of living successfully with diabetes and even reversing it. IntelliH Diabetes is an easy to use system that leverages the latest research and technological tools to guide you on how different food items and their nutrients, physical exercises, medication, and other factors of daily living impact your glucose levels. Medication reminders keep you on track and make your care providers happy!

Effective online Application

Easy 24/7 access to an online application makes it easier to record, analyze, and share your health data with doctors and diabetes educators. The comprehensiveness of the system, designed specifically for diabetics, makes it the most compelling application of the 21st century.

Health Indicator

See trends in your health indicators such as HbA1c, Cholesterol, triglycerides in an easy to read dashboard design. Part of self-management is a heightened awareness of your health indicators & ability to discuss & ask good questions to your doctor; use IntelliH to set targets and goals to improve them.


Graph your glucose levels for a day, week or month at the click of a button and see summary statistics. You can also see the impact of life style factors on your glucose levels through glucose impact charts and take corrective measures to better manage your diabetes.


Carbohydrates have an overwhelming impact on your glucose level. Measure and monitor your carbohydrate consumption in different meals and correlate that with your blood sugar readings. A great visualization to see what is causing fluctualtion in your blood sugar levels.

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